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Wool dyeing machine operating procedures and power consumption
Aug 27, 2018

The temperature controller of the wool dyeing machine is the temperature rising speed of the dyeing machine computer, and the temperature controller function of the room temperature dyeing machine has the following functions.

1. Reduce power consumption: The main pump motor uses the soft start of the inverter, its short dyeing process, and the preemptive emission technology without stopping when operating.

2. Stable dyeing water ratio: The dyeing water ratio of each tube in the 70-100% load plan can be adhered to 1:5, and the work is smooth.

3. Habit planning: It can meet the dyeing needs of different gram weight and width fabrics, and it can be completed in a cycle of 3 minutes without decontamination.

4. More environmentally friendly: low water consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions, low power consumption.

Wool dyeing machine operating procedures

1. The various parts of the wool dyeing machine need to be inspected frequently during operation, such as whether the fasteners are fastened or not. If there is a problem, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2. Fabrics should be sorted according to color, texture, etc., not all together.

3. The amount of detergent should be moderate, too much or too little is not good.

4. When the water temperature reaches 70 ° C, you can close the steam valve.

5. After the operation is completed, the equipment should be powered off to prevent it from being accidentally started.

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