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Yarn dryer machine characteristics and advantages
Mar 10, 2019

The Yarn dryer machine is very suitable for the large-scale drying of various skein of natural, artificial and blended fibers during the operation. It can be equipped with conveyor belt, automatic temperature control, and easy and safe to operate. The upper and lower air supply ports make the skein drying effect the best.


The Yarn dryer machine has undergone many years of innovation, which makes the equipment more perfect, time-saving, labor-saving, energy-saving and efficient. Its transportation chain has a wide range of shifting speed and automatic temperature control. It is suitable for large-scale drying of various skein yarns such as natural, artificial and blended fibers. Moreover, the operation is simple and safe, and combined with other machinery, it can be automated production.


Yarn dryer machine features

1. Adopt high-efficiency spiral-type radiator, the whole machine is equipped with insulation layer and has high thermal efficiency.

2. Adopt hot air recycling system to save heat energy and make the skein dry and regain moisture evenly.

3. Lay the wetted stencil on the bottom to evenly draw moisture and keep it clean.

4. The main and auxiliary transmission chains are all frequency-controlled to meet the drying requirements of different skeins.

5. Each oven has an independent dehumidifier to achieve energy savings. 

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