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Zipper dyeing machine should be properly controlled during operation
Aug 31, 2018

The main pump flow of the zipper dyeing machine does not mean that the flow rate is actually transmitted through the high temperature and high pressure yarn layer, that is, it is not all effective flow. The effective flow rate of the webbing zipper dyeing machine is equal to the ratio of the effective flow rate to the main actual flow rate. The reason for the two types of flow is that nearly half of the flow rate of the stainless steel conical tube main pump sealed by the septum is an invalid flow.


In addition, in actual production, it may also be caused by some factors that cause the dye liquor to "short-circuit" and also significantly reduce the effective flow rate. An important reason for the insufficient flow of the main pump is that the winding density is too large and the high temperature and high pressure yarn layer is too thick. The density is high, the resistance is large, and the resistance is small. The yarn layer wound on the bobbin is too thick, and the filtration resistance is also increased. It is generally considered that the thickness of the yarn layer is not more than 50 mm.


In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the time for the arrangement of the positive and negative cycles is reasonable. Under normal conditions, the dyeing high temperature and high pressure from the inner layer to the outer layer, the radius gradually increases, and the volume of the yarns in each layer also increases, but the effective flow rate of the main pump does not increase on each layer. Therefore, when the ribbon zipper dyeing machine has insufficient capacity for the main pump, a certain reverse cycle time should be considered.

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