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2017 China Textile Science And Technology Conference And Held In Qingdao
Dec 18, 2017

       With the development of intelligent technology, home life has become an inevitable trend of intelligence, especially the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of intelligent home life more and more intense. Intelligent home, science and technology as a potential unlimited project, the prospect of immeasurable. 2017 China Textile Science and Technology conference to discuss China's textile and apparel, home textiles in the scientific and technological aspects of the exploration and fruitful results, emphasis on industrial applications, marketing, livelihood popularization, change the consumer lifestyle, leading consumers home future, corporate elites, marketing experts, Internet leaders invited to attend. China's national Textile Home Brand Impact Award is designed to honor a year in the brand building and commercial operation of the outstanding performance of the industry brand, to their role model to drive the home textile industry innovation forward. China's national Textile Home Brand Impact Award in the industry has irreplaceable social influence, the award of a strong promotion of corporate brand building, leading the consumer trend, the results have become the national textile home Industry brand management of a strong frame of reference.