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Advantages And Adaptability Of Airflow Dyeing Machine
Jan 17, 2018

In order to meet the requirements of more high-grade fabrics dyeing and finishing quality, traditional dyeing technology and equipment transformation is very urgent.Airflow dyeing technology and airflow dyeing machine are an advanced dyeing technology and dyeing equipment. 

Compared with the conventional dyeing machine, the airflow dyeing machine has the effect of high energy atomization airflow, so it can be in a turbulent expansion state, thus eliminating the crease phenomenon. At the same time it has uniform currents and reflux device, made of pure cotton fabric loop in regular circle tilt state, through drying velvet fabric, greatly reduces the loss of shearing, help to improve the quality of the product.

airflow dyeing machines.jpg

Air flow dyeing machine in the process, only need to adjust the centrifugal blower, draught flow can make double yarn fabric full expansion bead, dye molecules in mist energy increase, enhanced penetration, achieved the effect better dyeing levelness. In addition, the air flow dyeing machine for single thin elastic knitted fabric dyeing is no sewing cylinder process, dyeing without hemming, not only reduce the hem the fabric loss, and the dyeing fabric cloth after clear, no fine wrinkles. 

As a new generation of dyeing equipment, air flow dyeing machine is towards high quality, feel is good, wide applicability, short technological process, energy saving, water saving, small batch and large capacity, automation control and conform to the ecological environmental development, adapt to a variety of products dyeing processing, and can work out high quality products. 

The airflow dyeing machine not only has the bath ratio small energy consumption; Low consumption of dyes and auxiliaries; It also eliminates creases and fluff. To achieve high speed and adjustable cloth; It also has a wide range of adaptations. Because the airflow dyeing machine USES the aerodynamic system to push the fabric, it can be applied to all kinds of fabrics that the general liquid flow dyeing machine can do.

In addition, for those fine and ultra-fine fiber fabric, air flow dyeing machine can achieve high speed, and damage in fabric is small, so the air flow dyeing machine is particularly suitable for fine and superfine fabric dyeing. In addition, to some high-grade fabrics also have very good levelling sex, and feel very good.