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Development Status Of Printing And Dyeing Mechanization Equipment
Dec 18, 2017

               In recent years, China's printing and dyeing equipment automation level, energy-saving emission reduction effect and manufacturing quality steadily improve, many new CNC printing and dyeing equipment reached the international advanced level, the market share has reached more than 85%. In the process of printing and dyeing equipment, on-line detection and control technology has made great progress, the concentration of concentrated alkali and hydrogen peroxide on-line detection and automatic distribution system, synchronous machine tension control system, the production of on-line monitoring system, etc. Continuous woven fabric pretreatment equipment and continuous dyeing line equipped with on-line monitoring system and wastewater, waste heat recovery equipment, steam, water, drying and other equipment, heat preservation effect is significantly improved, energy-saving and emission reduction effect is very good; high quality, high efficiency knitted fabric continuous scouring and bleaching equipment has been made in a number of enterprises, to replace the traditional, Intermittent type of knitted fabric scouring and bleaching process equipment, the water saving effect is remarkable, the printing and dyeing equipment appearance is more and more beautiful, the industrial design idea melts into the product development; The intermittent dyeing machine bath ratio achieves the low level, the airflow machine bath ratio achieves 1:3, the overflow machine achieves 1:4; the development of vapor-liquid combination sprinkler technology and single pipe supply technology The mechanical and electrical consumption of the airflow decreases obviously; steam and other clean energy has become a large number of printing and dyeing concentrated area of the main heat source of the fixed-shape machine, the exhaust gas is purified; setting machine drying room equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, so that the shaping process is optimized, energy consumption reduced, emission reduction, digital inkjet printing speed greatly improved, Printing speed is generally more than 150 square meters/hour, some enterprise products even more than 1000 square meters/hour, digital inkjet printing machine with large data, cloud computing, Internet + and other cutting-edge technology, the combination of apparel design, production and fabric production docking, changed the traditional clothing production of the lengthy process, the realization of the apparel personalized customization.