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Development Trend Of Printing And Dyeing Machinery Technology And Products
Dec 18, 2017
In particular, printing and dyeing machinery technology and product development trends reflected in the following: in the development of continuous printing and dyeing machinery process configuration, the development of short process equipment and process synchronization development (such as wet and short steam equipment), the realization of desizing and bleaching equipment, mercerizing machine and continuous pad dyeing equipment equipped with CNC equipment, precise control of fabric tension, To accurately monitor and control the consumption of water and steam, to install spray for the washing unit machine, oscillation, ultrasonic and other components, improve the washing efficiency, improve the steam box sealing, strengthen heat preservation to reduce heat loss, pay more attention to the quality of rolling rubber, reduce the rolling residual rate (BOLUWI), improve the efficiency of hot-air drying, reduce energy consumption , with the tension can be precisely controlled and knitted fabrics, continuous scouring and washing equipment will replace some of the intermittent equipment; research on continuous processing technology of synthetic filament fabric is ongoing, and continuous equipment may replace some intermittent equipment for mass production of synthetic filament fabrics , the rotary network and the printing machine will still be printing mainstream equipment, the future will be full digital operation, real-time monitoring of the pattern to ensure that the accuracy of the flower is stable; the drawing and setting machine is equipped with digital energy monitoring system to reduce the heat loss of exhaust emissions and so on. Wet treatment equipment will be generally equipped with wastewater filtration and reuse, waste heat recovery device, The setting machine is equipped with waste heat recovery and purification treatment equipment to maximize the utilization of waste heat and reduce energy consumption; intermittent printing and dyeing equipment will continue to develop a low bath ratio technology, research after dyeing process of water consumption, and promote the automatic distribution of dyes and auxiliaries products, reduce chemical pollution.