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Dyeing Equipment: The Pursuit Of Low Bath Ratio
Dec 18, 2017

At present, the domestic printing and dyeing enterprises mostly use intermittent dyeing machine, especially overflow dyeing machine. The key to the technical progress of batch dyeing machine is how to reduce energy consumption and emission, improve the reproducibility of process and reduce the dependence on people. The domestic dyeing machine production enterprises from the goal of energy-saving emission reduction, the overflow dyeing machine continuously improved, the introduction of a variety of ultra-low bath ratio (1:4.5) dyeing machine, but from the current to dye-liquid traction fabric circulation structure form, in the actual production is still difficult to achieve.

It is understood that the cold pad-batch dyeing in many foreign dyeing factories are already in use. It has been proved that the cold pad-batch dyeing technology itself has been basically mature, the key problem is that the printing and dyeing factory must ensure the quality of the front road, in order to successfully achieve cold pad-batch dyeing. Industry analysts believe that, from the current printing and dyeing industry enterprise integration and technology upgrading, enterprises should be encouraged to apply cold pad dyeing, which is not only conducive to energy saving and emission reduction, but also to the entire printing and dyeing industry to achieve low carbon development has practical significance.