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Italian Textile Machine Maintains Growth To Meet Industry 4.0 Challenges
Dec 18, 2017

In recent years, the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (ACIMIT) in Italy, the annual General Conference of Textiles manufacturers issued 2016 related data, showing the Italian textile machinery manufacturing industry has increased markedly: 2016, Italy textile machinery products total profit of 2.7 billion euros, up from the same period of 5% increase The total exports of Italian textile machinery products amounted to € 2.3 billion, which grew by 4% over the same period in 2015. This further reinforces the positive trend that has been observed over the past 2015 years, a positive trend that has been the result of a dramatic improvement in international market conditions and an increase in the domestic market in Italy (the domestic sales of Italian textile machine manufacturers have increased by 14% per cent). Among them, various policy incentives have played a crucial role in stimulating domestic demand.

Acimit chairman Raffaella Carabelli said Italian textile machinery manufacturers will be innovative in the future to meet the challenges of industry 4.0 and become more competitive in global markets. "Measures related to industry 4.0 are the main tools to ensure that the industrial sector moves forward." Italian manufacturers must seize the opportunity of digital technology progress to further improve production efficiency and global competitiveness. Raffaella Carabelli said.

For the textile industry, especially the textile machinery industry, Industry 4.0 represents the challenge of stimulating business dialogue within the industry. But is the textile machinery industry ready to meet these challenges? To summarize the latest status and track future prospects, Acimit cites the RINA consulting firm's research on the members of the association and shows them at the conference. The study noted that Italian manufacturers attach great importance to the latest technologies (especially cloud and network security Technologies) and their applications, which have a positive impact on productivity.

Raffaella Carabelli concludes: "Our research shows a better understanding of how to apply new technologies to industry, especially to the textile industry." The new trend in demand is related to fast fashion, which is characterized by fast time-to-market, which requires the production process to be as rapid as possible and to meet the needs of consumers immediately. Therefore, the digitalization of Acimit member enterprises can further increase the competitive advantage. ”

In addition, the General Assembly, through the redeployment of administrative costs to streamline its internal operations, appointed Alessandro Zucchi to replace Raffaella Carabelli as chairman of the Acimit Post.