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Loose Fiber Dyeing Machine Process And Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Mar 19, 2018

The fabric before dyeing is treated with a loose fiber dyeing machine to obtain a certain degree of fiber effect and whiteness.This will make dyes easier to dye fibers.Cotton fibers mainly contain pectin, nitrogenous substances, waxy fats, ash, pigments, cottonseed hulls, and weaving slurries, etc.

The chemical fibers of the bulk fiber dyeing machine mainly contain spinning lubricants. The presence of these impurities will affect the dyeing effect to varying degrees.Therefore, these impurities must be removed through some additives and certain conditions.Since the cotton fiber contains a small amount of commensal organisms that grow along with the fabric, the removal process is relatively difficult, and the treatment of the oil contained in the chemical fiber is relatively easy.

Loose fiber dyeing machine has little damage to the fabric

After the fabric has been pretreated, it meets the requirements of the dyeing process before dyeing the fabric.The disperse fiber dyeing machine takes a long time to process (because the effect of the treatment does not meet the requirements and the treatment process is extended many times) and may cause mechanical wear.Therefore, in choosing a pre-processing method, we must take all aspects into account and must not overlook one another.

The loose fiber dyeing machine has a short process flow

In the process of operation, the pre-treatment effect of the fabric is achieved with the shortest process flow, which is currently not affordable for general printing and dyeing plants.At present, there are a considerable number of printing and dyeing plants, which use intermittent flooding or jet dyeing machines for retreating, boiling and bleaching processes.

Loose fiber dyeing machine energy-saving and environmental protection

Energy-saving and emission reduction is the main goal of all printing and dyeing equipment and processes at this stage.It seems that it is difficult to resolve this contradiction in the overflow washing method used in the pre-treatment or jet dyeing machine. However, the air-flow dyeing machine adopts a continuous water-washing method. The turbidity is divided and the gradient is large.If the washing is controlled in the configuration, the bulk fiber dyeing machine can achieve the best washing effect with less water.