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Opportunities And Challenges Faced By China's Printing And Dyeing Industry
Dec 18, 2017

China's printing and dyeing industry is very fierce development momentum, to China's printing and dyeing equipment development provides an opportunity to face the competition of similar products in other countries, the domestic production of printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers face this huge challenge, China's printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers how to maintain their share in the domestic, how to go to the world

China's printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing capacity in recent years has developed rapidly, domestic printing and dyeing equipment in the domestic market occupies a number of advantages, according to survey accounted for about 63%, of which, domestic pre-treatment equipment and continuous pad dyeing machine, heat-setting machine market share the largest. Domestic printing and dyeing equipment, the main advantages of low prices, to meet the technical requirements, good after-sales service, maintenance and maintenance convenience several aspects.

This is because China's printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers familiar with the complex and changeable technology and dyeing materials in China, as well as the regional differences, through flexible process configuration, simplified use conditions, easy to maintain the structure, excellent after-sales service to win a large number of domestic users. However, the comprehensive technical level of domestic printing and dyeing equipment, and developed countries in the product innovation, stability and manufacturing accuracy, compared to the overall level there is a certain gap, the product similarity and low value-added, most products can not enter the world's high-end market. Most high-end markets in the world are dominated by printing and dyeing equipment in developed countries.

With the introduction of national environmental protection policies and the increase in energy costs, printing and dyeing industry will pay more attention to environmental protection, pay attention to improve product quality, which is bound to the low-end printing and dyeing equipment products have impact. But domestic printing and dyeing machinery, low-grade products more product pattern in the next few years will not be too big changes. This is because the domestic printing and dyeing machinery products have fewer personalities, species concentration, price competition is serious. The first two years began a large increase in the price of stainless steel, has made the company's profit is very thin, used for technical research and product development funds more crowded less, so that the enterprise technology accumulation is insufficient.

In addition, the other types of fiber processing machinery varieties, low grade, for example, China's wool dyeing and finishing equipment products to the middle of the 90 to stop the development, some of the last century, the 70 's N-type equipment and production.

At present, the market of wool dyeing and finishing equipment in China is mostly occupied by the products of developed countries. T.m.t. Company's can steam machine, Cimi company's washing shrink joint machine, Biella Company's continuous steaming machine, etc. are currently on the world market famous products.