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Overflow Dyeing Machine Working Principle And Dyeing Process
Mar 16, 2018

The overflow dyeing machine is a kind of dyeing cylinder with a length of about ten meters when it is used. The equipment has a rotating wheel , which will drive the cloth to rotate when it is used. The lower part of the overflow dyeing machine is thick and long. The dyeing vats and the dyeing liquors are present in the dyeing tanks. The dyeing process of the cloths mainly involves the dyeing in the lower dyeing tanks. By controlling the running speed of the cloths, the time of the infiltration of the cloths in the dyeing tanks is controlled, and the dyeing effect is also controlled.

Overflow dyeing machines are grouped into groups of four. Each group of dyeing vessels is connected, while the ingredient bar is on the side, which leads to the disadvantages of dyeing overflow dyeing machine, The result of dyeing may be that the dyeing effect of the cloths produced by each bar is different. The four cylinders appear to have a color from shallow to deep, with distances from the feeding cylinders of the ingredients. For fabrics with darker colors, the effect will not be great, and it will not be suitable for the dyeing of light cloths with lighter colors, and the effects of different degrees of dyeing will easily occur.

Overflow dyeing machine is a special new era rope dyeing machine to a certain extent. When used, the fabric is in a relaxed state when dyed, and the tension is small, and the dyed fabric has a soft feeling and uniform coloration. Therefore, they are used for the dyeing of synthetic fabrics, warp knits, and stretch fabrics under high pressure conditions. In recent years, some atmospheric pressure overflow dyeing machines have also been manufactured, which can be used for atmospheric dyeing of natural fabrics.

In the dyeing process of the overflow dyeing machine, the dyeing solution is pumped from the bottom of the porous plate at the front of the dyeing tank by a centrifugal pump, sent to the heat exchanger for heating, and then enters the overflow tank from the top. Two overflow pipe inlets are installed in parallel in the overflow tank. When the dyeing solution overflows the overflow tank, due to the difference between the upper and lower liquid levels in the dyeing tank, When the dye liquor overflows into the overflow pipe, the fabric is driven into the dyeing tank, so that it reciprocates and circulates to achieve the purpose of dyeing.