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Pre-treatment Equipment For Domestic Printing And Dyeing Equipment: Energy Saving As The Target
Dec 18, 2017

Pretreatment is to ensure the quality of printing and dyeing products based on the printing and dyeing processing water consumption, energy consumption of the large, its water consumption accounted for more than 60% of the entire industry, pollution degree is accounted for more than 70%. Therefore, it is an important direction for equipment manufacturers to improve the energy saving and environmental protection level of traditional pretreatment equipment, and has made great achievements. Germany Goller company developed the burning wool desizing cold reactor, the use of a typical cold pad reactor technology, short process, energy-saving effect is very significant.

In order to reduce energy consumption, equipment manufacturers are also working to shorten the process, but due to the process and chemical constraints, so far there has not been a real short process of dyeing and finishing equipment, a large number of printing and dyeing fabric pretreatment also rely on the traditional process of the production line completed. As a result, the former treatment of heavy water consumption and steam has not yet been radically improved. Benin in 2008 launched the "Zero Emissions" concept system, due to the use of cost factors such as restrictions, at present in the actual production can not be promoted, but the industry revealed that "zero emissions" of the relevant technical conditions have been available, this will be the ultimate goal of printing and dyeing industry.