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Printing Machinery: More Accurate And Efficient
Dec 18, 2017

With the rapid growth of China's printing industry in recent years, printing machinery manufacturing industry has also maintained a good development trend. In particular, in the last two years, despite the impact of the financial crisis, printing equipment sales still appear to be in short supply situation. With the growth of demand, flat screen printing machine in the market sales increased significantly, while increasing the production speed and to meet the heavy fabric printing has also been significantly improved.

In addition, the digital printing technology is also constantly upgrading, printing speed further accelerated, the cost of further decline, the product market recognition more and more high. Relevant experts believe that with the improvement of product market recognition, the industrialization of digital printing applications has begun.

Intelligent upgrades

In recent years, the topic of energy conservation has been heating up, facing the increasingly severe energy crisis, the government, manufacturers are committed to energy saving and emission reduction, improve energy efficiency.

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry, since 2014, printing and dyeing enterprises to eliminate backward capacity of the task of further increase. In fact, the elimination of backward printing and dyeing capacity, is essentially the elimination of backward printing and dyeing machinery. Printing and dyeing equipment enterprises in the industrial transformation and upgrading of the environment, the research of new products are basically embodied in reducing emissions, green environmental protection, online detection, intelligent control and so on.

Shengda Machinery is one of the pioneers of Quanzhou numerical control generation, which is jointly developed by the company and Huaqiao University DHC CNC Bridge-type cutter machine. SHENGDA Research and Development Center deputy Director Xu Jianming said, CNC line Machine is the company's main products. and computer-controlled special-shaped line cutting machine, this CNC special-shaped line cutting machine using servo system to control the cutting trajectory of cutting tools, greatly improve the precision and quality of the product. At the same time, but also for customers to reduce human, use, maintenance and other costs, a CNC cutting machine only human costs can save more than 30% for customers.

Xu Jianming to express "the future, with the popularization of numerical control technology, equipped with CNC system stone processing machinery will gradually replace the computer-controlled cutting machine, become the mainstream market." "As a leading enterprise of stone equipment manufacturing in Fujian Province, Shengda machinery not only invested millions of yuan a year of research and development costs, the company headquarters also set up a" CNC stone processing equipment manufacturing Enterprise Engineering technology Research and Development Center ", with the overseas Chinese University for Research and production cooperation, in the next three years Sheng Tatsu machinery will also increase the funding of tens of thousands of dollars.