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Proper Steps And Key Points For Yarn Dewatering Machine
Jan 24, 2018

The yarn dehydrator can dry the moisture in the yarn, Although the quality and performance of the equipment is really good, it is important to remind users that the yarn dewatering machine should be used in the correct way. Not only to achieve the ideal dehydration effect, but also to extend the service life of the equipment.

Before the yarn dewaterer is used, we should carefully check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition.After all normal, the products will need to be evenly placed in the inner tube.Directly start the motor of the yarn dewatering machine, so that the inner cage gradually speeds up the speed.

Based on the type of fabric it can be done in 5-10 minutes in normal.then press the "stop" button to turn off the motor.After a period of natural deceleration, we can operate the brake handle and operate intermittently. 

The fabric must wait until the yarn dewatering machine is stationary.It is important to note that different fabrics have to be dehydrated separately to ensure that dehydration of uniform.And the fabric placement in the yarn dewatering machine should not be overloaded.

When the yarn dehydrator is in operation, it is impossible to extend the hand into the inner cage of the dehydrator to ensure the safety.Moreover, for newly installed yarn dewaterer machine or newly connected wires, it is necessary to ensure that the motor turns in the correct direction so that it can be used normally.