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Textile Printing And Dyeing Speed Up The Industry And Has Been Granted National Patent
Dec 18, 2017

"Our equipment has achieved more than 100 sets of equipment, more than 2000 parameters on-line detection, real-time full process closed-loop control, all realize automation, save more than 70%, more than Germany, Italy and other international advanced technology." Chen said not only that, through the equipment dyeing, color difference from the original 4 to 4.5 levels above, dyeing a pass rate reached more than 95%, higher than the international advanced level 5%, process stability and production reliability from 57% to 95%, effectively achieve the dyeing production efficiency and quality improvement.

It is reported that the equipment has been authorized by the State 32 patents (including 14 inventions patent), software Copyright 13, its automatic dyeing production line and its technical products have been widely used in more than 30 enterprises, dyeing production of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, more than 80,000 categories, products exported to the United States, Italy, more than 30 countries and regions, The effect of water saving and emission reduction is remarkable, which brings obvious economic and social benefits.