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Textile Printing And Dyeing Speeding Up Industry 4.0 Construction Cheese Yarn Dyeing Won The First Prize Of Science And Technology Progress
Dec 18, 2017

BEIJING, January 9 (Xinhua Wei Yan) At the 2014 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, a Shandong Kangping Group Co., Ltd. and the Mechanical Research Institute, Shandong Lu Tai Co., Ltd. Joint research and Development of "package digital automatic dyeing complete sets of technology and equipment" won the National Science and Technology Progress Award first prize. The second completion of the project, the chairman of Shandong Kangping Group Co., Ltd. Chen said that the results created a textile printing and dyeing industry in-depth cooperation in the successful model, textile printing and dyeing to accelerate the construction of 4.0 of the pilot project.

Package yarn dyeing is the key link to produce high-grade fabrics and enhance the function and added value of textile printing and dyeing industry. According to Chen, the project scientific research team for the current textile printing and dyeing industry has low employment-intensive production efficiency, poor dyeing quality stability, high energy consumption of waste water emissions of the three major impact on the sustainable development of the industry, developed a suitable for the digital automatic dyeing process technology, Digital automatic dyeing equipment and the whole process of dyeing production of the central automatic control system, the creation of a digital automatic packaging line dyeing production lines, the establishment of a digital dyeing workshop, the package yarn dyeing from the manual mechanization, stand-alone automation to the whole process of digitalization, System automation, Make our country become the first in the world to break through the whole process automation dyeing technology and realize the engineering application of the country.

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