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The Advantage Of Cloth Hydro Extractor
Jan 12, 2018

The most obvious difference between the cloth hydro extractor and the ordinary industrial dehydrator is the entry of the guide frame, so that the equipment can meet the requirement of assembly line production. We only need to introduce the first end of the watering fabric to the cloth extractor in the right way through the guide frame, which can be started when the whole cloth is put into the whole cloth.

fabric hydro extractor.jpg

In this way, it is not only effective to avoid the problem of the traditional material watering machine that needs to be put into the fabric manually, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the application site, and actually realizes the flow operation of the cloth dehydration;the speed of the cloth can be controlled at the same time, and it can also fully guarantee the universality of the application range of the cloth material watering machine. 

At present, the cloth hydro extractor is widely used in the printing and dyeing textile enterprises, because it is equipped with the bearing support for the material transmission, which makes the dehydration effect better.Due to the particularity of application places , the cloth dryer besides belt fabric guide rack, also have installed inverter, so that we can adjust the corresponding rotational speed and time realize according to the weight and the nature of the fabric of different , while guarantee the dehydration effect, and the maximum guarantee the integrity of the products that are dry, reduce the probability of wear and tear of the product. 

And because of the machine is always sold to textile dyeing factory, so the capacity of the cloth dryer is also bigger , such large capacity can guarantee our production volume, but also fully meet the demand of large capacity application places.

In a word, there is a lot of advantages of this kind of cloth dryer, for their own performance and characteristics, it is more suitable for textile dyeing,  traditional types of laundry need to buy other more suitable drying machine .