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Yarn Dryer Machine Use Advantages And Environmental Protection Requirements
Mar 23, 2018

Yarn dryer machine is mainly used in the process of the use of its automatic in and out of the yarn, on-line detection technology and intelligent control system to achieve automatic control of cheese yarn drying process, high drying efficiency, uniform drying, thermal efficiency High, low energy consumption, easy to automate control.

Yarn drying machine opportunities are effectively regulated by parameters, so that the regain of the yarn can be controlled to a certain extent. The use of the yarn drying machine is intelligent, green, and environmentally friendly. Such equipment can be widely applied to textile yarns. Drying equipment such as thread and loose fibers fills the domestic gap and is a new kind of drying equipment for various fiber fabrics and other water-containing substances, which can effectively reduce resource consumption and achieve clean production.

During the operation of the yarn dryer, the heating does not require a heat conduction process. Even materials with poor thermal conductivity can reach the heating temperature in a very short time, and can save 30 to 40% energy and more energy than radio frequency drying. Drying energy saving 8~10%. In addition, the microwave heating can make the object uniformly absorb electromagnetic waves at the same time and generate heat energy, so the heating uniformity is good, and the external coke does not appear wet, and the moisture regain rate error can be controlled within 2%.

The use of yarn dryer can effectively improve the uneven heating (dry and wet inside), discoloration, and low efficiency (long drying time) of the traditional drying equipment in yarn/cotton yarn drying. High energy consumption disadvantages. Drying and drying principle of microwave cotton yarn drying equipment base: The water molecules inside the material are used to generate self-heat through friction. The penetration heat of microwave increases the temperature of the material, so that the moisture in the material vaporizes and evaporates, and the water vapor that evaporates is discharged by the row. Excluding the wet system to achieve the purpose of drying the material.

Advantages of using yarn dryer machine

1. The heating method of the yarn dryer does not need to pass heat conduction and it directly heats the material. Therefore, it is energy-saving and efficient.

2. The yarn dryer can make the material self-heating as a whole. Therefore, the microwave device heats the cotton yarn evenly, and it is dried at the same time inside and out, and does not change color.

3. The yarn dryer can make the assembly line dry, reduce the labor force and increase the production efficiency.