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Yarn Dyeing Machine Dyeing Methods And Cost Savings
Apr 17, 2018

The yarn dyeing machine is a high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine when it is used. It is mainly suitable for dyeing polyester wheels, polyester wool, acrylic fibers, pure cotton, polyester cotton, linen cotton, and wool yarns and zippers when used. Yarn dyeing machines are effective. With various types of creel, it can dye different yarns, such as package yarn, hank yarn, warp yarn and loose hair.

Yarn dyeing machine is most suitable for bleaching, scouring, dyeing, washing and post-treating of single yarn, rayon, mercerized cotton, silk, silk, fancy yarn and cashmere. This machine is mainly used special pump designed with low energy consumption and large flow, which improves the anti-cavitation ability of the pump and solves the problem that the water quality of the traditional type machine will affect the dyeing quality at low temperature.

The dyeing tube of the yarn dyeing machine is integrated with the overturning yarn shifting tube, and the dyed material is absolutely free from twisting or knotting. After the dyeing, the tube is easy to fall and the loss rate is low. Specially designed water regulators can be used to adjust the amount of water, depending on the amount of yarn dyed, the number of yarns, and the number of yarns. After the machine has been optimized in structure, the bath ratio has been reduced to (110-15), saving raw materials and reducing costs.

Yarn dyeing machine dyeing

1. Fully-charged: traditional auxiliary pump pressure = auxiliary cylinder circulation system, easy to grasp the dyeing process, easy to operate (bath ratio 1:8-1:10)

2.Pneumatic type: It can adjust the bath ratio (1:5-1:8) according to the yarn quality and dyeing process in a half-full state. The dyeing quality is reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, and energy, dyes, chemical additives are saved. More extensive.

3. Hybrid: With full charge and pressure type two functions.

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