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  • Dyeing Machine

    Dyeing Machine

    It is suitable for natural and synthesis fiber including silk , yarn , man-made silk , wool and cotton .Fabric processed by this machine will have a smooth and silky luster surface and won’t occur broken end , off color or dim color .
  • Drying Machine

    Drying Machine

    After years of continuous practice and innovation, the machine is more perfect, advanced, time-saving, labor-saving, energy-saving and efficient. It is suitable for various kinds of fibers such as natural, man-made and blended fibers A lot of drying.
  • Hydro Extractor

    Hydro Extractor

    This fiber hydro extractor is dehydration equipment for loose wool, loose cotton and loose fiber dyeing. t has the characteristics of large water capacity, simple operation, energy saving and labor saving, and greatly improves the efficiency.